Tuesday, October 04, 2005

  • Cronyism over experience continues. You'd think at the very least GW would've picked someone who was at least a judge -- at some point in their life! I don't think the top court in the land is where one should bang the gavel for the first time ever. It's actually absurd, but then again no one should be shocked at this point. The degree of incompetence in this administration has far surpassed staggering.

  • Right-wing Political Teen writes, "Rush is staying neutral on Miers because he [like all of us] doesn't know much about her." Hilarious. Implying Limbaugh stays mum about anything in which he lacks knowledge. Again, side-splittingly hilarious. Rush may be silent about Miers but trust me, it ain't because he doesn't have the facts on her. Perhaps this is the reason.

  • The corruption is swiftly piling up all around King GW -- oh, but look, the King himself may be directly involved in some of the scandal. Don't forget, a fish rots from the head down and by 2008 we could be looking back and reconsidering Nixon, and Warren Harding for that matter, as saintly in comparison.

  • More evidence of incompetence: "Ninety-one thousand tons of ice cubes, that is, intended to cool food, medicine and sweltering victims of the storm. It would cost taxpayers more than $100 million, and most of it would never be delivered."

  • The White House lied about the involvement of two top people in a treasonous act. Compare that to Clinton's lie about a blowjob. Hmm, high crimes and treason vs. sexual indiscretion -- oh yeah, the latter is MUCH worse.
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