Monday, June 12, 2006

Tim Grieve interviewed Sen. Harry Reid in Salon and Reid made the following statement:
GRIEVE: "Nancy Pelosi has apparently taken impeachment off the table, even if the Democrats win in November."

REID: "But see, I've cooled that impeachment [talk] from the beginning. You know why? Who would be the president if the president were impeached? Why would I want Cheney president?"
Gads, big mistake, and here are a few reasons why:

1) With Clinton, the GOP lowered the bar -- by ALOT -- for grounds for impeachment. Bush's transgressions are far, far worse than lying about blowjobs.

2) We, and more importantly the less-informed general public, would learn many need-to-know things (that we have not been able to learn otherwise) via the impeachment proceedings.

3) How could Cheney as president be any worse than Bush?! As it is, Cheney is basically the shadow president, only now he has most of the associated power with less of the explicit accountability. He would most likely not want the promotion!

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