Saturday, June 02, 2007

This Tuesday Scooter Libby is to be sentenced. Do you think the judge will favor "160 heartfelt letters" sent to him by close friends, most requesting leniency, or the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald?
Fitzgerald said the punishment would match the gravity of the offense and the intensity of his investigation into what he considered a serious violation of national security laws. He argued that Libby deserved an enhanced sentence because he "substantially interfered" with the special counsel's probe, which reached into Cheney's office in an effort to determine who might have orchestrated the leak.

Fitzgerald also said that the evidence he collected showed that Libby's lies followed substantial deliberation and were not "inadvertent" or unplanned, as Libby's attorneys had argued.
Purposeful obstruction of justice to get to the truth, involving a case of national security during a time of war -- yeah, sounds like a pretty serious offense to me, at least much more so than lying about blowjobs.

We'll see what the judge thinks this Tuesday....

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