Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Will We Hear Tonight?

In the last Republican debate, we heard primarily four things discussed:
  1. Iran
  2. Planned Parenthood
  3. Immigration
  4. ISIS
Four topics I didn't hear mentioned:
  1. Global warming
  2. Economy
  3. Deficit
  4. Government corruption & scandals
Interesting. You'd think Planned Parenthood was the modern day Al-Qaeda. Please. 

Meanwhile climate change / global warming is an enormous threat, the economy has been doing fine post-GW/Cheney, the federal deficit has been shrinking to zero, and Obama's two terms thus far have been corruption/scandal-free, something that certainly does not get enough media attention.

Yes, what will be the sky-is-falling topics tonight, I wonder.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Biden Says No, Clear Sailing For Hillary? When Does Bernie Drop Out? Who Should Be Hillary's VP?

Yesterday VP Joe Biden announced he's not going to run for president. Does this mean clear sailing for Hillary? I would have to assume yes.

Another question: when does Bernie drop out? I have to think eventually -- but not yet. Bernie has something like $40 million in his coffers, presumably more than enough to keep his campaign going for at least a few more months.

It's nearly common knowledge that Bernie's run has been more about conveying his message and his positions than actually winning the White House. That said Bernie has certainly accomplished his mission of dragging the Democratic Party and Hillary to the left. It's been heartening to see that his appearances have been standing-room-only events.

Who knows, maybe he's done enough to plainly show the popularity for progressive, populist positions that Hillary will ask Elizabeth Warren to be her VP. Is the country ready for a woman president much less a dual female ticket? I can't see Hillary being so bold as to go with another woman on the ticket. I'm sure the feeling would be that she would alienate too many male voters. Also, Warren is from Massachusetts, a state Hillary already has locked up.

It's interesting, even if Hillary were to pick Warren, at some point it was thought that Warren would herself want to run for president. However, she's currently 66 years old and if she were to be Hillary's VP, and assuming Hillary wins and runs again for re-election, Warren would be 74 years old by the time she gets her shot at the White House. 74 is arguably too old. It appears Elizabeth Warren missed her chance.

Why not just go with Bernie for Hillary's VP? I can think of several reasons not to pick Bernie: 1) he's too old (74), 2) worse, he looks and acts too old (appearances are meaningful in TV era... note in debate he often cupped his hand around his ear as if hard of hearing, not good... and see Larry David's take on SNL), 3) unfortunately many voters are not ready for an Independent devout socialist on the ticket, and 4) Bernie is from Vermont, a state Hillary will win with or without Bernie on the ticket and it's not a key state (few Electoral votes). Look, I love Bernie, don't get me wrong, but let's be practical.

So who's left? O'Malley? Really? Obama won Maryland easily in 2012, assuming Hillary will do the same, what else does O'Malley bring to the ticket that complements Hillary (beside sperm)? Is there anyone else out there yet to make him/herself known?

Of course, with tongue firmly in cheek, my choice would be for Hillary to pick her hubby. Bill's eight years were some of the best this country has ever experienced (sans the Monica crap), why not go for a repeat? Alas, reuniting in the White House a couple that shares the last name of Clinton could be too much for many people. That last name has sadly become extremely polarizing in many circles.

OK, then who? Julian Castro? Hmm....