Monday, November 07, 2016

Don't Let Them Forget

With less than 24 hours until Election Day, it seems pretty clear that Hillary has a good shot of winning. She had a better shot two weeks ago, pre-Comey shenanigans and FBI leaks, but nonetheless she remains ahead.

But regardless of the election outcome, one thing cannot be forgotten. Millions upon millions of people voted for Trump and they must always admit to and account for this decision.

No doubt if (when) Trump loses, many of those who voted for him will go back to their everyday lives, disappointed in the election outcome, reluctantly conceding defeat. Others may not be so accepting and instead indignantly refuse to admit losing and even resort to violence to express their displeasure.

But much of the ugliness that defined Trump's ascent will recede as his supporters will no longer have an egomaniacal demagogue with full-on media coverage to broadcast his hateful drivel that fueled and sustained their rage. With Trump finally unplugged, the heinous and shameful qualities of his supporters will gradually subside and slink back into hiding.

If there has been one benefit to Trump's campaign run, it's that he successfully made plain to see the truly regrettable side of many Americans. We got to see these people for who they truly are, unvarnished, raw, showing their naked feelings. Trump's hate-speak enabled or empowered many to come out and express their deep-seeded emotions. And it has been quite educational. What we've learned, thanks to Trump, is that there remains an enormous amount of intolerance, hatred, animus, anger and nonsensical rage in many so-called patriots.

After tomorrow, many if not most Trump supporters will likely deny that they voted for him. As long as he was perceived to be a viable option, a possible winner, they were willing to proudly state their views about him. But now that the big day has come and passed, the thrill is gone and with it goes the furor and excitement of "telling it like it is" -- code for speaking untruths that confirm hateful thoughts.

But again, don't let them quietly recede into the darkness, able to hide their repugnant beliefs until another day comes when they can once again show their true colors. No, always make them remember that they voted for the worst presidential candidate in history, bar none.