Sunday, May 28, 2017

Gianforte Slam Speaks Volumes About The State Of USA

Republican Greg Gianforte physically attacked and assaulted a reporter for doing his job. Listen to the audio if you haven't already. Gianforte broke the reporter's glasses in the body slam. There were eyewitnesses (including Fox News people). 

As we know, Gianforte went on to win in Montana, a very Republican state. When voters there were interviewed, many said it was all fake liberal news, it didn't really happen -- despite the audio tape and eyewitnesses. 


This is our country now, with people willing to dismiss facts they don't want to hear and live in a bubble, insulated from real life. Where a bully can physically attack someone yet because he's Republican, it never happened. Just imagine if Gianforte was a Democrat -- yeesh.

So a (Republican) candidate can physically assault someone and still win elective office. Well, we have a president who admitted on tape to 'p*ssy grabbing' sexual assault and yet he won elective office. 

Proud to be an American? It's becoming harder thanks to one party's normalization of grotesque behavior and willful denial of facts and reason. 

I simply posit: imagine if Hillary was president and all this Russian controversy and scandal was attached to her, where would she be right now with the Republican congress? Likely already impeached and moving out of the White House.

It's beyond surreal. A day doesn't go by that I don't say to myself, "Where am I?! What is happening?!! Is this for real?!!!"