Thursday, January 07, 2016

I too am not a scientist

Too clever by half. 

We hear Republicans say this often, their current "clever" line to dodge climate change questions. "But I'm not a scientist, what do I know?" Of course that doesn't stop them from pontificating and passing legislation on things in which they have no particular expertise. Yet when it comes to global warming and climate change, well, then they must defer....

But let's just go with this inane method of evasion, if you lacked expertise and claimed ignorance on a given subject, what would you likely do? I bet you'd do some digging, see what the prevailing research had to say, what the preponderance of facts and evidence tended to conclude in a universal and consensus fashion, and then likely side with that for lack of a better explanation.

All of that said, you'd think after the Republicans said they were not a scientist, then the logical conclusion would be that they would defer to the preponderance of expert evidence and side with the 97% of scientists who believe in man-made climate change.

But no. Republicans say the "I'm no scientist" line, but then go on to spew drivel that has them aligning with the global warming skeptics. Or at best that no one really knows anything and that climate change remains a baffling and debatable puzzlement. 97% of the scientific community says not true, but as usual Republicans would try to have us believe otherwise, to align with the beliefs in their artificial bubble. 

It's all a joke, that is not funny. If you were dying of thirst and someone handed you a glass of water and 97 informed people told you not to drink it, that it was poisoned, and 3 told you to go ahead and drink it, what would you do?