Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Sh*t is Starting to Hit the Fan

Yesterday had to be Black Monday for the Trump administration. The indictments and guilty plea are obviously not good news for many in the White House.

And yet if you tuned into Fox News, it's as if they were reporting in a parallel universe, seemingly oblivious or in denial given the day's events. Rather than cover (won't bother saying "report fairly") the Mueller news, viewers were treated to nonstop hysterics about Hillary, Uranium One and the secret dossier (and cheeseburgers?). There was hardly a mention of Manafort or Papadopoulos. Instead, you would've thought Mueller indicted Hillary and Obama!

Never mind that the Uranium One supposed scandal has for years been known by most people in the media, and has been proven false. But what the heck, Fox decided it was at least worth trying to throw that spaghetti against the wall, it may stick. After all, their lemming viewers believe everything told to them. So the right-wing diversion apparatus (RWDA?) had this canard all cued up and ready to go for the Mueller announcement.

As for the secret dossier, snore. The big revelation was that this opposition research -- first initiated by payment to Fusion GPS by a right-wing, Republican-donor outfit, the Washington Free Beacon -- was eventually paid for by the DNC. Where is the crime? All campaigns do "oppo research" and very often it's unseemly and perhaps shady, but again both sides do it and it's been occurring for decades.

So on a historic day like yesterday, the RWDA decides to blare across the airwaves what appear to be two huge nothing-burgers (a phrase the RWDA loves to use).

Meanwhile, Team Trump is trying to distance themselves from Pappy, attempting to characterize him as a very minor player in their campaign. Oh really? When asked in the past to name a few of his foreign policy advisers, Trump has stated Papadopoulos by name, one of the first people mentioned. But this young man was some unknown minor player? Hmm, I have a feeling he had a much larger role than is being confessed.

Stay tuned as this is not a race but instead a marathon. Mueller is methodically and carefully playing his cards. We're just in the first inning.... 

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What's Up with John Kelly?

Here we all thought John Kelly was the sane one in the White House, the parental keeper of boy Trump. And then Kelly holds that press conference, attempting to defend, or at least explain, what Trump did during the phone call to the Gold Star widow. Ugh.

Kelly rambles on in his press conference in a very heartfelt manner, but ultimately lies about Rep. Wilson and calls her an "empty barrel" for good measure.

Huh? Did anyone expect to hear that? From the supposed adult in the White House?

I'm left making excuses for Kelly. Is he becoming like Trump, gradually taking on Donald's worst qualities due to being cooped up with a sociopath for so long? Or is it some form of Stockholm syndrome? With Kelly feigning alliance with Trump by lying and insulting, hoping to stay in his good graces and not get fired -- thus able to continue to protect our country from a madman??

Or is Kelly actually more like Trump than we'd like to admit, a crass liar?

Sadly, this is where we're at as a country, where we have to second-guess the WH Chief of Staff because the president is a lunatic. Where we go to bed at night hoping that people other than the president himself will keep us safe.

Could the Founding Fathers ever have imagined this?