Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What's Up with John Kelly?

Here we all thought John Kelly was the sane one in the White House, the parental keeper of boy Trump. And then Kelly holds that press conference, attempting to defend, or at least explain, what Trump did during the phone call to the Gold Star widow. Ugh.

Kelly rambles on in his press conference in a very heartfelt manner, but ultimately lies about Rep. Wilson and calls her an "empty barrel" for good measure.

Huh? Did anyone expect to hear that? From the supposed adult in the White House?

I'm left making excuses for Kelly. Is he becoming like Trump, gradually taking on Donald's worst qualities due to being cooped up with a sociopath for so long? Or is it some form of Stockholm syndrome? With Kelly feigning alliance with Trump by lying and insulting, hoping to stay in his good graces and not get fired -- thus able to continue to protect our country from a madman??

Or is Kelly actually more like Trump than we'd like to admit, a crass liar?

Sadly, this is where we're at as a country, where we have to second-guess the WH Chief of Staff because the president is a lunatic. Where we go to bed at night hoping that people other than the president himself will keep us safe.

Could the Founding Fathers ever have imagined this?

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