Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bush administration is becoming like genital herpes -- you can't get rid of these people!

GW is not satisfied with inflicting eight years of lasting damage on the country, no, he wants to "burrow" many of his incompetent stooges deep within the government to continue the onslaught for years to come. Obama's people will have to identify these "moles" and either keep close eye on them or look to remove them, the latter choice reportedly a difficult task.

Only 62 days until our national nightmare is finally over, but apparently the Bush/Cheney "experience" will stay with us in some form or another for quite some time (much like Freddy Krueger).

And just look at what the creeps are looking to do in southern Utah, one of the most beautiful expanses of land in the country. I ache.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Earlier this year I wrote:
Cut to climate change. It too is MAD, as we're all "mutually assured destruction" if we continue to ignore this problem. However, the fact that global warming does not conjure up jarring images like hundreds of war heads pointed at our country or "finger on the button" jitters makes the entire issue less frightening, less impending, less urgent. Yet with each passing year of no mandates, no action, no urgency makes the probability of MAD that much more irreversible and certain.

When will this enormously pressing problem generate the fear it deserves, to be treated less as a luxury that can be managed or curtailed at the margin?
The fortunate thing about global warming is it is occurring at a slow enough pace so that we're not in any immediate jeopardy today, allowing for precious time to potentially address what needs to be done. However, the unfortunate aspect to that benefit is the threat is not foreboding enough, namely that global warming is not perceived as something that will kill us tomorrow, thus affording us time to worry about many other things other than global warming.

Alternet has an excellent article discussing the many problems with how people perceive global warming. It's worth reading and circulating to friends and family.

Friday, November 14, 2008

  • Be very afraid: even as we sleep, Obama is holding secret meetings as he plans to turn the country into a Marxist state.... (Oh, and I heard he may try to cancel Christmas).

  • Isn't it great to witness the GOP sailing towards irrelevancy? In general, the reasonable Republicans lost (Shays) on November 4th and the crazies and kooks won (Inhofe, Bachman, McConnell, etc.). As a result, the party has moved that much closer to the extreme right -- and that much further away from positions held by most Americans.

  • Enough with the critics who say Rahm Emanuel is too much of an attack dog to be an effective chief of staff. Look, one needs a hard-line keeper of the asylum given the opposition party is riddled with nutballs and zealots who will look to take down Obama given the chance.

  • Hey, whatever happened to Karl Rove's subpoena? I thought it was going to be enforced??
  • Tuesday, November 04, 2008

    Hello, and I hope you voted today!

    I remain extremely optimistic that this time there will be no chicanery, no shenanigans, that for once in quite some time we'll have a clean reflection of what the people want and desire in their government.

    I've been perusing around to see what the Vegas-type odds are saying at various web sites and I'm heartened by what I'm finding. For example, at World Sports Exchange, Obama is favored to win the election by a percentage of 93% (out of 100%), meaning it should be a lock. In the following key states Obama has very strong numbers: FL 73%, VA 87%, OH 80%, NV 83%, PA 90%, and NC 57%.

    Not to jinx it, but it looks like he should easily get over 300 electoral votes. Tomorrow starts a new, long-awaited era.