Friday, November 14, 2008

  • Be very afraid: even as we sleep, Obama is holding secret meetings as he plans to turn the country into a Marxist state.... (Oh, and I heard he may try to cancel Christmas).

  • Isn't it great to witness the GOP sailing towards irrelevancy? In general, the reasonable Republicans lost (Shays) on November 4th and the crazies and kooks won (Inhofe, Bachman, McConnell, etc.). As a result, the party has moved that much closer to the extreme right -- and that much further away from positions held by most Americans.

  • Enough with the critics who say Rahm Emanuel is too much of an attack dog to be an effective chief of staff. Look, one needs a hard-line keeper of the asylum given the opposition party is riddled with nutballs and zealots who will look to take down Obama given the chance.

  • Hey, whatever happened to Karl Rove's subpoena? I thought it was going to be enforced??
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