Saturday, November 12, 2005

  • With all of the flak he's justifiably receiving concerning his $200+ mil. taxpayer-funded "pork" bridge to nowhere, Alaska's GOP Sen. Ted Stevens has attempted to shift the focus by throwing red meat to his base by making noise about regulating cable and satellite radio. Ah yes, if oneself is in trouble, look to bash and censure Howard Stern. Don't you just love the way the righties lambaste the government for overreaching and being too large on some things, and yet when it comes to matters like the airwaves or the Patriot Act or privacy concerning abortion, then they want a government as big and huge as possible.

  • Pat Robertson, in his usual infinite wisdom, has helped to uncover the big lie within the ID debate. With his harsh scolding of Dover, PA, Robertson made clear that the ID supporters are all about God -- despite many such ID folks proclaiming their side is not God-centric. What they want is to appear as if they're not violating the separation of church and state precedent, yet to do so exactly in a wink-wink fashion. For more, click here to read a piece by the rightwing Ayn Rand Institute.

  • The following is a day late (Veterans Day) but I wanted to post anyway:
    Dems Who Served
    Richard Gephart
    Tom Daschle
    Al Gore
    Bob Kerrey- Medal of Honor, Vietnam
    Daniel Inouye- Medal of Honor, WWII
    John Kerry- Silver Star, Bronze Star, Vietnam
    Charles Rangel- Bronze Star, Korea
    Max Cleland- Silver Star, Bronze Star
    Ted Kennedy- US Army 1951-53 (France)
    Tom Harkin
    Jack Reed- Army (Ranger) 1971-79
    Gray Davis- Bronze Star, Vietnam
    Pete Stark
    George McGovern- Silver Star, WWII
    Jimmy Carter
    Walter Mondale
    Tom Lantos- Hungarian Underground WWII

    John McCain, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Vietnam

    GOP Served
    Chuck Hagel, Vietnam
    Tom Ridge, Vietnam
    Darrel Issa, W. Germany

    GOP Did Not Serve
    Dick Cheney
    Denny Hastert
    Tom Delay
    Roy Blunt
    Bill Frist
    Mitch McConnell
    Rick Santorum
    Trent Lott
    Jeb Bush
    Karl Rove
    Saxby Chambiss
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Perle
    Douglas Feith
    Eliot Abrams
    John Kyl
    Christopher Cox
    Dana Rohrbacher
    Rudy Giuliani
    Don Rumsfeld- Flight Instructor, US Navy

    DID NOT SERVE- Wingnuts
    Sean Hannity
    Rush Limbaugh
    Bill O’Reilly
    Michael Savage
    George Will
    Chris Matthews
    Paul Gigot
    Bil Kristol
    Ken Starr
    Ralph Reed

    POTUS Did Not Serve, Did Not Inhale
    Bill Clinton

    POTUS, Did Serve (?), Did Inhale
    George W. Bush
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