Friday, February 17, 2006

Green Knight, I feel your pain.

Fellow blogger, The Green Knight, and I share the same reasons for starting a blog -- and subsequent frustrations:
When I started this blog, I hoped to do a tiny amount to change the shape of American political discourse. I was amazed and disgusted by the media's slavish toadying to BushCo, but I figured that if enough dissenting and reasonable voices got out there in this new medium, things would have to change at some point. My aim was to contribute to the tide of change.

Apparently, I was wrong.

BushCo has gotten the USA into a pointless war, allowed the worst terrorist attack in history to happen on its watch, is gleefully shredding the Constitution, allowed a major American city to be destroyed, ruined the USA's image abroad, spies on its citizens, tortures people, loots the public purse, and wrecked its own intel operation against Iran for petty political purposes. None of that has resulted in vigorous and sustained criticism on the part of the press or even of the opposition party.

....So, I give up trying to change things. It's just not going to happen. All this blog and others like it can accomplish is to provide some kind of record, so that when historians of the future (assuming there is one) look back at the decline and fall of the United States, they will at least see that some of us saw it coming.

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