Wednesday, April 23, 2008

With regards to the back/forth Hillary/Obama media dance, Kevin Drum recently wrote:
I'm more interested in following the almost pathological pandering and flip-flopping coming out of John McCain's camp these days — you can practically feel the desperation if you watch closely — but it's hard for that to get a lot of traction until the Dems finish up their race.
So true. McCain is on holiday, getting a free pass from MSM scrutiny while Obama and Hillary slug it out. Needless to say, McCain has tons of baggage just waiting to be spotlighted and vetted, baggage that is much more relevant and meaningful than the level of Rev. Wright coziness or sniper fire memories.

Whenever that day may come, Keith Olbermann offered up a start by listing eight questions that could be asked of McCain. The topics are plentiful: the "Keating Five" S&L scandal, Jerry Falwell flip-flopping, Confederate flag support, flip-flopping on tax cuts for the rich, support from anti-gay/anti-Semitic/anti-Catholic John Hagee, McCain's "senior" moments re Iraq, his admission that he doesn't understand our economy -- the list goes on and on.

Dems should be researching like crazy, readying to launch the many valid questions that need to be asked, and more so answered. And make no mistake, it will be difficult to get those questions asked much less answered given the media's over-the-top adulation for Teflon John.

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