Thursday, July 24, 2008

The right-wing media watchdog Media Research Center is in a tizzy over the media's coverage of Obama's trip abroad. I suppose the media should somewhat ignore this event and instead give equal coverage to McCain doing, uh, doing what exactly? Offering up stump speeches that are mainly focused on attacking the guy currently visiting nations abroad -- which is what McCain urged Obama to do to begin with? Oh yeah, that's compelling TV.

Look, the decision to make this trip was a stroke of genius by the Obama campaign, enabling Obama to appear and be received as a head of state and to get tons of media attention at McCain's expense. What we're hearing from the right and from McCain's campaign is sour grapes, period. Internally they know this was a terrific move and it's frustrating the hell out of them. Same as when the Obama camp announced that he would give the convention speech in the Denver Broncos football stadium -- top that one Mr. Maverick.

Oh, and whereas the MRC complains about a lack of coverage for McCain by the liberal media, isn't it funny how this same media continues to help out McCain anyway they can, as if they're propping him up to make it a fair fight. If Obama made this many mistakes and gaffes at this point in the campaign, he would've been toast. The media would've been all over it like the distortions concerning Gore inventing the internet. Liberal media, my arse.

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