Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I'm back.... Sort of....

Hello again. I haven't posted anything to this blog since 2013. After the GW/Cheney reign of incompetence and horror, it's been 6+ years of massive clean-up, with Obama doing what he could to fix things (granted he could've done more, being too conciliatory with Republicans, shame shame), and doing so without scandals or drama. (Benghazi? Please).

Truth be told, I've been preoccupied with other things over the last few years. That's not to say there haven't been news events worthy of commentary, just nothing to get my blood boiling enough for me to post here. Also, I frankly became burnt out and needed a lengthy hiatus. Blogging can be quite time-consuming and exhausting, and I would guess for most bloggers, involving little to no compensation. It's generally work of passion that fills a need to convey thoughts, opinions, facts and web links (of course) to others, hopefully shedding light on issues and stirring up some much-needed discussion, and even outrage. After all, Republicans and wingnuts should not be the only ones who can get angry and pissed-off, while the Dems and liberals remain calm, understanding -- and flaccid. In fact, I would argue that many of the problems facing this country over the last X number of years have been allowed to fester due to this long-standing contrast, a fired-up, indignant right-wing GOP versus overly wet-noodle and yielding left-of-center Democrats. We can get angry and pissed too (!), using facts and reason as our weapons, which should always be more than enough to win any fight. (OK, "should" is the key word, but in this country, facts and reason are too often not enough to convince the brain-washed and ideological zombies).

Anyway, I'm back, sort of. With Obama gradually exiting and Hillary entering the scene, I've started to get that itch again to put the time into organizing my thoughts and hopefully write some blog entries that connect with people. I like to think I was able to effectively do that with the 2500+ blog entries I posted from 2004-2013, most being from the GW/Cheney era. As I've said, blogging takes time and commitment (unless one prefers to just prattle from the hip -- I don't). That said I will likely start slowly in returning to form, with posts being infrequent or sporadic, depending on the news events of the day. But as the 2016 election approaches, I'm certain there will be enough crap going down to get me annoyed and frustrated, requiring release via a blog entry. Stay tuned!

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