Friday, December 10, 2004

As with the Dan Rather forged document incident, right-wingers have themselves worked up in a tizzy over the soldier who was coached by a reporter when asking Rumsfeld a question. Never mind the REAL outrage surrounding this story (the fact that soldiers are at risk due to a lack of armored vehicles!) -- no, better to focus on the soldier/reporter angle. Fools.

Meanwhile, another shocker:
The Environmental Protection Agency issued voluntary guidelines Thursday that rely on industry to secure drinking water and wastewater treatment plants against attack. The guidelines were written by industry groups with EPA financing.

Who would've thunk it, this administration's EPA allowing industry to write their own rules. I find at least one of these anti-environment stories per day, without even trying. I guess it's the liberal press, twisting the facts and all....

Finally, an important post by The Left Coaster:
I've been saying - in concert with columnists far more visible than I - that China will be our replacement as the world leader at some point, primarily because George Worthless Bu$h has been squandering all of our political and diplomatic capital over an ill-conceived scheme by neocon fascists to rule the world through military control over petroleum resources.

Click to read entire entry, worthwhile.

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