Thursday, December 02, 2004

I've been remiss in posting the last several days thanks to a residence move. In returning, I can't help but pick up where I left off and that is the subject of the DeLay rule change in the House. The more one thinks about this egregious action, a slimy vote behind closed doors, the more it stands as the singular symbol for just how revolting our political system has become under rule of GW. Can hypocrisy be any more plain and obvious? This was a rule put into place by Republicans about 10 years ago to punish Dems gone bad. Now, they decide to overturn that same rule before it soon applies to one of their own.

I've invited all of those nattering right-wingers who regularly pester me with inane commentary -- what say you on this subject? I can tell you that even Newt Gingrich was a bit put off by it: "It was a mistake, because it was a public statement that the party would change the rules to benefit one individual. That's a mistake, period. Are the rules subordinate to the interests of the powerful, or are the powerful subordinate to the interests of the rules? In a free society, the rules govern."

It's funny, many right-wingers continue to pound away at what went wrong with Kerry - uh, that's over, how about focusing on the current mess of things. In fact, the election itself provided this wonderful diversion for many r-wingers as they could easily avoid having to speak to anything issue-oriented regarding this administration, always able to turn it back to Kerry. With the spotlight 100% back on GW & the Republican congress, it makes them squirm, mightily.

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