Sunday, November 05, 2006

I recently wrote, "Hey, has anyone ever asked him [Bush] what if 'when' becomes 20 years from now? Or 100 years? What should the U.S. do then, what are his (gulp) ideas on the matter, or are those just problems for future generations to resolve -- all thanks to him? You talk about faith-based, this is nothing more than faith-based military policy."

In related fashion, Dan Froomkin wrote:
President Bush's foremost political liability going into the mid-term elections is that the American people aren't happy he took the nation to war in Iraq and don't believe he has a way out.

In other words, they think Bush made a mess and has no idea how to clean it up.

Now, in what may be the ultimate show of Karl Rovian chutzpah, Bush is righteously attacking Democrats for not having a plan to clean up the mess he himself made.

It's a classic Rove technique to attack his opponents' strengths from a position of weakness -- no matter how deficient his own candidate's position may be.
Bush makes an enormous mess, has no clue/plan how to clean it up, yet blames everyone else for not having a fix to the mess he made.

Remind me again why this guy has even a 34% approval number?

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