Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some quick thoughts:

  • The Tenn. race offered proof that sadly sleaze still works.
  • South Dakota's ballot measure that reversed the enacted abortion law offered proof that populism works.
  • With Dems now holding a majority of the governorships, they gain the upper hand for the most fruitful breeding ground for future presidential candidates.
  • The exit polls showed the Democrats (vs. 2004) gained voters across all incomes ranges, proving tax cuts were not enough to bribe the rich.
  • Lincoln Chafee lost; despite being a reasonable moderate, this election was about rejecting all things "R" in an effort to change control.
  • Get ready to see the GOP slime machine do to Nancy Pelosi what they did to Bill Clinton for eight years.
  • As I've mentioned here a few times in past weeks, the independents made the difference yesterday.
  • Another very good outcome from the election: ended presidential aspirations for many far-right GOP contenders (Frist, Allen, ...Lieberman), as well as any remaining motives for John Kerry (good guy, good senator, honorable soldier -- but it's over).
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