Tuesday, December 05, 2006

From Stephen Cohen, a scholar at the Israel Policy Forum:
What the Baker group appears to have done is try to change the direction of the political momentum on Iraq. They have made clear that there isn't a scenario for a democratic Iraq, at least for a very long time. They have called into question the logic of a lengthy U.S. presence. And once you've done that, what is the case for Americans dying in order to have this end slowly?
In other words, it appears as if Iraq has become that much more like Vietnam as the overall goal is lost and yet U.S. soldiers continue to perish in the name of false hope as decreed by a craven man in charge.

The question now is how many more soldiers must die for an unachievable cause -- that being to salvage GW's pitiful legacy? It's bad enough he's looking to raise half a billion dollars for his presidential library, which will no doubt dole out the money to any author willing to paint a pretty picture. But in the desperate attempt at looking better in history books, Bush continues to cling to the fantasy that Iraq can be turned around sooner rather than later.

It's self-absorbed delusion at its most fatal and tragically ruinous. Even Daddy Bush will soon give up on trying to remedy what he can, realizing his son is impossible and too much is just too far gone.

And America has and will continue to pay the dear price.

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