Friday, December 08, 2006

The ISQ report recommends at least four things that Bush has resisted in the past: 1) abandon open-ended commitment regarding troop deployment, 2) a suggested timetable for withdrawal, 3) the use of quantifiable benchmarks, and 4) actively employ diplomacy (talk to Iran and Syria). Bush stated he will look to work with the Democrats "to find common ground," but with the many leaks of this report over the past several weeks, when has GW given any indication that he will yield and work towards compromises?

An earlier version of the report even had the authors deciding that the war had already been lost, stating "there is even doubt that any level of resources could achieve the administration's stated goals."

Meanwhile, after the Gates hearing, Tony Snow continued to make an ass of himself, replying to a reporter who asked how Gates' statement that we're "not winning" in Iraq is consistent with the administration's position and Snow answered, "he also said we're not losing."

Yes folks, the grave situation in Iraq has devolved here into childish, irresponsible semantics. Pathetic word-play that mocks reality for the sheer sake of political gamesmanship.

This administration has slid beneath rock bottom.

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