Monday, June 23, 2008

Is this the season of guilt and confession? We had Scott McClellan attempt to purge and now Curveball....?
[I]n his first public comments, the 41-year-old engineer from Baghdad complains that the CIA and other spy agencies are blaming him for their mistakes.
It was intelligence attributed to Alwan -- as Curveball -- that the White House used in making its case that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. He described what turned out to be fictional mobile germ factories. The CIA belatedly branded him a liar.
Along with confirmation of Curveball's identity, however, have come fresh disclosures raising doubts about his honesty -- much of that new detail coming from friends, associates and past employers.

"He was corrupt," said a family friend who once employed him.

"He always lied," said a fellow Burger King worker.

And records reveal that when Alwan fled to Germany, one step ahead of the Iraq Justice Ministry, an arrest warrant had been issued alleging that he sold filched camera equipment on the Baghdad black market.
"I never said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, never in my whole life," he said. "I challenge anyone in the world to get a piece of paper from me, anything with my signature, that proves I said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."
Over 4000 U.S. soldiers are dead in part due to Bush/Cheney pushing the "intel" of this ex-BK worker -- outrageous and criminal.

In fact, it appears everyone complicit with this cabal of craven thugs is stumbling to come clean and wash their hands of any of the blame. No one wants to get sucked in and painted harshly when the history books are written.

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