Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's hilarious to observe McCain, who apparently has ooddles of lobbyists advising his campaign, trying of late to shed this bad image via disassociating from the lot. But it's too late, the damage is done for Obama to exploit.

How can Mr. Maverick defend or make credible his "independent" label, his supposed penchant for criticizing the special interest folks, when he has so many high-placed lobbyists working for him? Bottom line is he can't. Also, what kind of judgment does this display? How can we trust any of his "change" rhetoric when he's employing the exact people from K Street who make sure that real change never comes?

Obama should pound this message incessantly till November.

Also, more evidence that McCain = Bush/Rove: he hired Rove protege Tim Griffin.

Yup, with the tons of lobbyists on the payroll and now hiring Griffin, looks like McCain plans to continue the tradition of scum observed in the last eight years.

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