Friday, August 29, 2008

Haven't had a chance to update till now but Bill Clinton's speech at the convention was classic, near perfect in content, delivery and tone. He of course is no stranger to delivering excellent speeches, but this one was a testament to the fact that he's only become better at it through the years. They'll be studying this speech for many years to come, thankfully. It made me wish we didn't have a two-term limit for presidents (I've wished this for many years prior to this speech, but his performance Weds. night truly drove this home).

Obama's speech was needless to say terrific. It's been justifiably praised by most pundits so I won't spend much time on it. He hit McCain hard but respectfully. Let's see if McCain does the same this coming week (don't hold your breath).

As for Palin, when I first heard the news I thought it was Michael Palin from Monty Python (Michael would've been a better choice). McCain's campaign has certainly become a pathetic comedy act; even many conservatives can no longer take this charade seriously. He attacks Obama for lack of experience and then chooses a VP that has just a little over one year's on-the-job training as Alaska's governor. This from the oldest person to run for president, where you think he'd responsibily look to select a second-in-charge that was very experienced, ready to step in and run the country. But no, he chose instead to go with the Daddy-Daughter ticket -- scary, revealing, and a bit creepy if you ask me.

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