Sunday, August 17, 2008

The latest Obama ad is pretty effective, targeted at swing-state Ohio and basically the entire working class. Obama's people should continue to highlight McCain's deep relationships with lobbyists, putting to rest the mythology that McCain is an outside-the-beltway maverick who will bring about dramatic change.

And for what it's worth, over at Google Trends, by a ratio in excess of 2 to 1 Obama continues to lead McCain in the number or volume of web searches conducted in the U.S., and this ratio remains the same for key states like Ohio and Florida. The aging Straight Talker just can't seem to drum up any interest -- at least not with Americans who own a computer. Has to be that dastardly liberal media at work....

UPDATE: Please email this ad to friends, family, enemies, etc. It drives home the crucial link between McCain and Bush ("McBush").

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