Monday, October 27, 2008

In The New York Observer, a letter to the editor from James Ponsoldt:
With John McCain's campaign becoming sleazier and slimier, I've heard a number of Republican friends and family members indicate that they can't possibly vote for him, especially with Sarah Palin waiting in the wings.

But they can't talk about it with church, club or business friends.

So, yes, we'll see a bit of the traditional "Bradley effect" this election, but there will be an even greater "reverse Bradley" effect: longtime Republicans who claim they're sticking with the party but, once they enter the voting booth, won't be able to stomach it.
I am increasingly hearing and reading about an expected reverse-Bradley effect come November 4th. Considering recent evidence tends to show that the Bradley effect is misinterpreted and even outdated, if a reverse-Bradley were to happen (and it's very much conceivable), then Obama's 10-12 point lead could in reality be more like a 15+ point lead.

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