Sunday, October 26, 2008

With his campaign bopping along, looking to find any message that might stick and have some impact, one of the latest is to play up the idea of a unified government (same party) is bad. We just can't have a president, Senate and House all hailing from the same political party, that would be awful.

Look, this message may have worked if McCain didn't choose Palin. Americans might have been more comfortable with this check-mate idea if they didn't have to picture an unqualified diva waiting in the wings with a 72-year old McCain who has experienced serious health issues. That imagery alone is a deal breaker for most Americans and it has come through in the polls. Palin has succeeded in becoming a bigger negative working against McCain than Bush -- amazing.

And this revelation is not lost on McCain who is reportedly fuming about his decision to go with her in the first place, feeling misled by Palin's primary advocate: Bill Kristol. However, if true it's just more proof that McCain equates to Bush in that he not only continues to receive bad advice from inept associates, but that he proceeds and embraces it. We need four more years of that?

The other piece of irony regarding the VP pick is it was said that McCain refused to go with Romney because of a concern about loyalty, that Romney would be more closely aligned with Karl Rove et al than McCain himself, so he felt someone like Palin would be more true-blue and indebted to him. Now of course we hear she's turning on him. The entire campaign has been a disaster and is now unraveling, coming apart at the seams.

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