Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Robo-Rubio moment(s) = his Dean scream

Looks like Rubio's robot debate moment(s) = his Howard Dean scream moment, it's over. He admits to screwing up, never a good sign.
So I must revise my expectations which were Rubio would eventually overtake Trump for the nomination. Now I expect that Trump will continue to do well and then I think a Bloomberg enters the race. The established, elite Republicans have been freaking out with Trump's success. He's not only unpredictable and uncontrollable, he's almost certainly toast versus Hillary -- that being their worst fear. Trump plays well to a (very) select audience, but on a national scale his "platform" will not resonate and his absurd statements will come off for what they are: fact-free hot air.
Many might ask why a gazillionaire like Bloomberg would want to be president. You can ask the same thing about Trump. Ego? Vanity? Who knows. With Trump, who apart from the constant limelight that comes with the job, we have no idea if he'd actually like being president. Yet I think it's safe to say Bloomberg enjoyed being mayor of NYC (elected three times), he appeared to genuinely like governing, warts and all. And he does spend time contemplating and developing serious policy stances -- in no way can the same be said about Trump.
Regardless, I would be for Hillary or Bernie over Bloomberg, no question. However, it would at least be somewhat comforting to know that if for whatever reason Hillary or Bernie lost the election, Bloomberg would be entering the White House as opposed to lunatic Trump.

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