Sunday, February 07, 2016

What a performance, yeesh....

I still think Rubio gets the GOP nomination (prettiest pig), but wow, he was bad last night. It's as if he was reading from a teleprompter that wasn't there. Almost Manchurian like.
And he already comes across as boyish and too youthful, so what does he do? Recite as if he's standing before his classmates in 5th grade, giving an oral book report. Christie played the role of the intimidating, harsh teacher, admonishing him for use of excessive memorization.
Some may think Rubio will make the necessary adjustments off that dismal performance, like a football team would, but I think his ability to be something other than this robo-candidate is very limited. He can be very sharp with his answers, but they're always seemingly pre-loaded, fired off in a quick staccato that doesn't sound extemporaneous and genuine. He'll be the perfect foil for Hillary, who can sound a bit stilted at times.
In the meantime, this hilarious Republican race continues to plod along....

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