Saturday, July 01, 2006

Every so often I tune in to right-wing radio to get a dose of idiocy passing for smarts and it never fails, within minutes of tuning in I'm revolted.

This time it was Sean Hannity's show. A stand-in was filling in and amazingly a caller got through that was not rah-rah for Bush. She was asked if given everything that's happened would she vote for Bush again (hypothetically) and she said no (due to Iraq mess). The fill-in for Hannity went on to say that he had on the show family members of three fallen U.S. soldiers in Iraq who were behind Bush, did this fact change her mind? You could hear the woman hee-and-haw with discomfort but still sticking by her decision.

It was awful to sit through and truly a cheap shot. Of the 2500+ dead U.S. soldiers, the Sean Hannity show amazingly had on the air a whopping three GW-supportive families -- I'm sure it was just pot luck. And I'm sure those three families spoke for the thousands of other families. Why didn't they cherry-pick Cindy Sheehan and have her on the show? I don't recall a liberal talk show host using Sheehan as a battering ram to make pro-Bush callers squirm in discomfort, attempting to sway their political views.

Welcome to right-wing radio, where they use the unfortunate deaths of our armed forces for political reasons. They use fear-mongering to intimidate and frighten voters and in this case they use guilt and emotional manipulation (of the worst kind) in an attempt to change opinions. Anything goes for them, nothing is beyond the pale.

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