Friday, July 21, 2006

No really, are good columnists that hard to find and hire??

In her most recent column, when it comes to global warming Peggy Noonan decides to just lash out at all scientists, stating they all have agendas, "they are politicized," and therefore none should be believed. Years from now, she says we'll have a right to "blame the scientists."

This crap is typical right-wing pablum where rather than truly look into an issue, instead just opt for irresponsible, broad-sweeping rhetoric with nothing to back it up.

We all know that ExxonMobil has funded many a scientist to support the denial side of global warming (I've cited several examples and offered proof here on this blog), but where's the proof that the same occurs on the other side of this "debate"? It occurs frequently on the denial side (in fact, in almost every case), but couldn't Noonan provide at least one instance of a "kooky" enviro group paying off a scientist(s)?

Ah yes, the intellectual rigor of Peggy Noonan. Ayn Rand she is not!!

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