Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kevin Drum was recently surprised to learn that 30% of Brits believe Blair's relationship with GW is "about right."

Why so shocked? After all, 30% in this country support Bush! Let's call it the "brain-dead threshold." Apparently, every country is comprised of 30% brain-dead individuals. It's that simple (literally).

Elsewhere, regarding maverick-not McCain, Drum asks, "Can we start keeping score on the number of positions that Mr. Straight Talk has abandoned now that he thinks he has a serious shot at the presidency?" Kevin lists his caving to the religious right (via Falwell), giving in on torture, and then suddenly MIA concerning campaign financing.

My bet is McCain buckles on global warming -- something even the religious right still has a big problem accepting. (I suppose Jesus would've been A-OK with humans releasing tons and tons of noxious fumes and pollutants into the air....)

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