Monday, August 07, 2006

Heading into tomorrow's primary, Lieberman has apparently moved within six points of Lamont, still trailing but closing the double-digit gap.

At this point, even if Lieberman were to squeak out a win, in many ways he and the established Dems still suffer a big blow to the belly. This Iraq thing isn't going away and it's not likely to suddenly become popular again before November. It will be a huge fly in the ointment for many candidates in both parties.

An interesting thought being discussed is how this CT primary outcome will strengthen Gore's prospects for 2008 and weaken Hillary's. It makes sense.

For one, Bill Clinton did Hillary a favor by stumping for Lieberman, thus backing another senator who voted for and strongly supported this war. But as I wrote earlier this morning, even the great Bill Clinton could not do much to boost Joe's standing in the polls. That does indeed say something about the deeply felt emotions and opinions concerning this issue.

But again, this primary hugely bolsters Gore's chances for 2008. He defines the anti-GW. Hell, he beat the guy and then was robbed. Most sane people admit that this country would've been much better off the last six years under Gore's leadership (I know, not going out on a limb). And whereas Hillary voted for the war, Gore has always been against it. On top of that, related topics that seem to be resonating with the public, becoming more of a real concern with each blistering hot day, are the environment, global warming, and energy conservation -- all made-to-order issues for Gore that starkly contrast with the do-nothing actions of GW.

Re-elect Gore in 2008!

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