Friday, August 25, 2006

In the NY Times:
It was the most direct attack on Democrats that Mr. Bush has made from a White House lectern this election year, and it effectively signaled the beginning of a more outright political season for him and his aides as they work to help Republicans maintain control of Congress.
Make no mistake: Bush is going to fight dirty and fight hard to keep Congress GOP-controlled -- and it won't be to help those in his party. It will be to save his own skin. If the Dems gain control of at least one chamber, they should (emphasis added) initiate impeachment proceedings.

Why is "impeachment" such a verboten word? Unlike Clinton's charade, it won't be due to trumped up charges about a private sexual indiscretion. As opposed to lying about blowjobs, this president is guilty of lying about illegal wiretappings and lying about intel leading up to the Iraq debacle (among other things). And Bush can thank the Republicans for effectively lowering the bar to the point where if you proceeded against Clinton then you must proceed against Bush. But of course, for GW the bar is suddenly to the moon.

If the Dems do succeed this November and finally win back some power in Washington, here's hoping Bush will be forced to hire a team of good lawyers.

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