Wednesday, January 10, 2007

GW's escalation (surge) plan will force more bipartisan cooperation in Congress.

Why? Because as I've mentioned ("The surge, or rather escalation, will surely fail and it will not bode well for any GOP presidential contender. If the public was pissed off in 2006, imagine what they'll be like in 2008. It could set the stage for the most dramatic single-party purging in decades."), Republicans will eventually realize GW is throwing the party overboard in an attempt to selfishly salvage what he can concerning his legacy.

Iraq is being punted with a near-certain failure move and it will only spike the ire of the voting public against the president's party. Look for Republicans to one by one abandon Bush and begin to side with Dems to save their own political skin. (Especially since many of them just squeaked by in the 2006 election, making them a very vulnerable and nervous party).

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