Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In tonight's SOTU address, Bush is expected to admit global warming exists and will mention a few (tepid) ideas to stem pollution.

Why his sudden conversion regarding global warming and pollution? Could it be that he no longer has a rubber-stamping congress? No more crazy Inhofe to block any pro-environment legislation?

Could it be because Pelosi has sternly warned Bush that congress will act on global warming, whether or not he cares to help?

Even corporations are turning against him on this issue! I thought they were funding his resistance? Who/what is left on his side?

Like with so many other issues, has Bush become the lone believer? The isolated king who simply decrees from his throne?

And like his year-ago call to wean us from oil's addiction, will his "ideas" once again amount to nothing more than bloated rhetoric with no action?

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