Sunday, January 21, 2007

Please, please don't tell me Bush really believes this:
[Bush said] he had dinner with [Cardinals manager] La Russa in August, during a tough stretch for the team, and afterward remarked to an aide that the Cardinals were going to win the championship because their manager believed they would.
Serving as a telling punchline:
La Russa conceded later that he wanted to end that August meeting on an optimistic note. "I was just trying to say something positive as a last impression," he said. "I didn't really believe it."
Tony La Russa just wanted to end the meeting, tossing GW an absurd "high note" bone to chew on. Yet, King George believes the Cardinals won the World Series because "their manager believed they would." What?!

Needless to say, what's truly frightening about this anecdote is Bush then likely believes we'll win in Iraq simply because we have a "manager" who believes we'll win.

What can one say anymore?

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