Tuesday, February 27, 2007

From a right-wing blog:
The facts are that there will be a genocidal bloodbath in Iraq if we pull out precipitously and the entire nation will become a safe haven for terrorists.
In fact, Iraq has been devolving toward "genocidal bloodbath" and "a safe haven for terrorists" with our soldiers there. I'm sorry to say no evidence exists that we've been able to halt this trend, and frankly it's only accelerated for the worse the longer we've been there.

So the question becomes: do we simply tolerate the deaths of X number of U.S. soldiers per day in the fingers-crossed hope that somehow, someway conditions will miraculously change (current evidence to the contrary)?

Funny how the right demands not 90+% but 100% irrefutable proof of man's responsibility for global warming before considering the needed measures for remedy, but do not likewise demand such proof that Iraq is improving with our presence there before stating with certitude that we must stay else witness chaos.

But that would require consistency of thought -- something sorely lacking in their psyche.

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