Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh look at that, last month was by far the hottest January ever for the planet. What a shocker.

But hey, what about all the snow and frigid weather this month? I've explained this many times before, but the Center for American Progress did a very good job of it yesterday:
Global warming deniers -- desperate for any information that might contravene the science -- have latched onto this month's colder-than-normal temperatures that have gripped much of the United States, particularly the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. In a recent headline, the Drudge Report joked, "Hearing on 'warming of planet' canceled because of ice storm." Many on the right have cited the joke as actual proof that climate change isn’t occurring. The right-wing publication referenced the headline to claim global warming is part of the "current media fed hysteria." In fact, the temperature patterns we are currently experiencing are exactly what increasing greenhouse gas emissions predicts: climate destabilization.
Please go there to read the entire entry. Of course, it gets a bit involved with the science of what's happening and at times doesn't make for brisk reading, but that's exactly why the Drudge crowd don't understand. Rather than try to take in and digest the reality of a phenomena, which frequently requires some time and effort, they would rather just look outside, see lots of snow, and snark, "well golly, sure don't look like global warming to me!"

Sad, but that's the wingnuts for you. Oodles of uninformed opinions.

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