Tuesday, February 27, 2007

From Tom DeLay (yes, that Tom DeLay):
We’ve gone on record a number of times arguing the highly questionable science behind global warming. What is of more interest to us in this specific case is the hypocrisy of Senator McCain, who is apparently trying to align himself with the radicalized green element of the left – which is in direct contrast to his past stances.
Quite the contrary, Tom. Oddly enough, in the face of his many flip-flops to align himself with the radical right of the GOP, McCain's support for stronger measures concerning global warming and climate change is actually one of the few things where he's remained consistent. (Examples: here, here, and here).

Wow, global warming must indeed be a real threat to the planet for McCain to refuse to flip on this issue!

One thing has definitely remained consistent: the "Bug Man" is quite the dim bulb.

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