Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bush has become the "F* You" president. With his apparent "f* you" to the American public regarding the wide split between his views on Iraq and their's, and his "f* you" to the Democrats with his indignant and slimy recess appointments including "Swift Boat" Fox, Bush has decided to spend the rest of his term doing whatever he damn well pleases and to hell with everyone else. We all know he hasn't remotely been the uniter he once promised, but it's obvious he's now kicked this divisive mode of governing into another gear. Is it any wonder Bush is more isolated and alone in the White House than Nixon at the peak of Watergate?

And don't think Fox was the heavyweight appointee. Susan Dudley was installed at OMB to oversee federal regulatory policy. She was an anti-regulatory zealot as an academic at George Mason University and she has written it's more cost-effective for people to stay indoors on smoggy days than for the government to force polluters to clean up emissions. Oh boy.

The other appointee is Andrew Biggs, installed as deputy commissioner at the Social Security Administration. Biggs was employed at the libertarian Cato Institute and strongly supported privatizing Social Security.

The Fox appointment will get all the media attention, and to a point it's deserved, but the fact is Dudley and Biggs will be wielding much more power than Fox. Here's hoping all three appointees get close scrutiny and attention.

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