Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tomorrow on 60 Minutes, McCain will flip-flop (again), claiming he was wrong about his recent highly-protected stroll through Iraq, and he will announce that he plans to stake his presidential run on convincing Americans that the Iraq war is winnable.

Wow. Yes, McCain's campaign has been in dire straits for some time now, but with this Hail Mary pass, apparently it's really bad.

More than a few insiders have suggested McCain may have to drop out of the race completely, but before doing so he obviously feels as if this longshot stance regarding the war is his only salvation at this point. His many shameful moves to court the far right have more or less backfired, leaving him with this final desperate chess move.

It's really amazing to think that not too long ago McCain was assumed to be the front-runner for the GOP in 2008. To say that he screwed it up is quite an understatement, but then again, how does anyone navigate the ridiculous maze to the White House as established by the hypocrisy-riddled, schizophrenic Republican Party?

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