Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The following is from Dick Polman, about Giuliani's underwhelming showing at that family values gathering in Washington (it's about a week old but still relevant):
Rudy Giuliani is still (rightly) perceived by the religious right as being a New York liberal on abortion. In his Saturday speech, he tried to sell his unpalatable beliefs as a character asset, as proof that he is a man of conviction: “Isn't it better to tell you what I really believe than to change my positions to fit the prevailing winds? I believe trust is more important than 100 percent agreement." The problem with Rudy’s argument is that these people really aren’t interested in disagreement, particularly on an issue (abortion) that they deem to be a deal-breaker. Rudy wound up with 1.85 percent of the total straw poll vote.
Think about it, what chance does Rudy have come November 2008? Let's see:

1) Christian right voters don't like him. They comprise a solid bloc in the party base, and worse yet for Rudy as a group they always make the effort to show up and vote. However with Rudy as their choice, perhaps this time they just stay home.

2) He symbolizes, embraces and proclaims four-more-years of Bush. If that mantra proved bad in the 2006 election, we're talking deathly toxic in 2008.

3) He's bald and not exactly tall (don't underestimate physical appearance).

4) Temperment. Kevin Drum has written at least a few times about how in 2008, when things start to get down and dirty, be prepared to see Rudy become unraveled. In fact, the Dems should do all they can -- yet much short of Swiftboating -- to get under The Mayor's skin. It's thin and he'll go off the rails, and it'll be over.

5) Legit "dirt" on him will get full airing, literally. Needless to say, he's got tons of baggage.

6) He's bat-shit crazy.

Also about a week ago, Kevin Drum pointed out the latest untruth coming from Giuliani, this time involving health care. Drum succinctly writes, "You will be unsurprised to learn that Giuliani is full of shit."

If there's one thing that is mandatory with Rudy it's that everything coming from his mouth must be fact-checked. He literally just makes stuff up on the fly, or worse yet purposefully lies, and reporters are (surprise) dropping the ball.

Does this sound familiar? Yes, if you want four more years of distortions and lies, vote for Rudy. Why stop now with the gradual move towards fascism....

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