Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Randi Rhodes recently asked the question: to win elections, should we encourage and urge our side to be more like Karl Rove, i.e. to play dirty and do whatever it takes to win so as to effectively fight against the Rovian, GOP apparatus?

Rhodes votes no, imploring we would lose the moral high ground, becoming as scummy as they are and thus no better, and then what have you actually won?

That's all well and good but others say the contrary is to allow them to win via the dirty play and as a result we never get to effect change. If using filthy tactics is what it takes to win elections, thus matching hardball with hardball, then it's ultimately for the long-term good of the country, if not the world. Otherwise Republicans will continue to triumph and we're left bitching.

One may ask what good is the moral high ground if it means we're ultimately on the road to ruin? However if we instead become them, what have we done? What's worth saving at that point?

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