Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kevin Drum remains baffled by the continued, inflamed level of CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome) in this country. He writes, "Disliking the Clintons for one reason or another: sure, that's easy to grasp. But during the 90s I never got CDS. I just flat never got it."

Frankly, I never have either. Somewhere along the way in the early 1990s, the right wing stoked up the hatred flames and directed them full-force at the Clintons. You would think they embodied the anti-Christ. Whatever. It never made much sense then and still doesn't.

I've simply come to conclude that the far right absolutely despised seeing someone even mildly liberal be so successful. Prior to Bill, they were very accustomed to a more bumbling and less skilled politician who symbolized the left as they liked to see it. Of course I'm referring to Jimmy Carter. But all of that changed with the extremely competent, well-honed machine put into action by Clinton/Gore. How dare a liberal be in the White House during one of the most prosperous decades this country has ever experienced.

Come to think of it, knowing the right's insane, festering desire to hate, to scorn anyone who doesn't agree 100% with them and to obliterate all foes who are popular, perhaps the reasons for rampant CDS are not so confounding after all.

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