Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ahh, The Irony

Bush/Cheney have incessantly pounded home that Iraq possesses WMD in the form of uranium, mustard gas, sarin, etc., and yet we have found nothing (oh right, so far….). And yet, when it comes to North Korea, it’s quite a different story. Whereas it was once estimated that the North Korean WMD arsenal consisted of two nukes, it’s now assumed to be “at least eight.”

Why don’t we invade this next member in the Axis of Evil? My guess would be because 1) North Korea lacks anything we want (read: oil), and 2) they definitely have WMD! The latter point being that this administration is not likely insane enough to knowingly send thousands of American troops into a country that has WMD. All the more reason they likely sent troops into Iraq….

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