Friday, May 14, 2004

Adding to my most recent posting (from John Whitesides, Reuters):

Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup poll, said Bush's slowly sinking job approval rating, down to 46 percent in his latest survey, was similar to the dropping trajectory of the last three incumbents to lose their elections -- George Bush, the current president's father, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.
In contrast, the five most recent incumbent presidents who won their elections never dipped below 50 percent in their job approval rating at any point in the election year, he said.

"The Bush campaign has to be concerned and worried at this point," Newport said. "When you look at the trend, you certainly see that Bush is beginning to track the trajectory of the three losing presidents rather than the winners."

Clearly, there exists past precedence for Dubya/Rove to be greatly concerned at this point. Let's hope that their awareness of this current dire state does not put them in hyper win-at-all-cost mode (wishful thinking, right?), to the point where they're scrambling to do what they have to do in FLA, as well as Ohio, etc., and perhaps putting in a call to the CEO of Diebold, etc.

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