Saturday, May 15, 2004

Bush is our first truly adolescent President.

We have a dumb, conniving 15-year-old running the country. He's that student that a smart teacher saw right through, not allowing him to dodge & weave to make the grade.

Bush will do anything to avoid admitting when he is wrong, most often choosing to lie to escape culpability. Instead of simply fessing up to a fault, he chooses to talk his way out of it -- at least until he can't talks no more, then he must gradually fess up to the truth. If a good idea is offered that's not his, he'll first attack it and then slowly adopt it, eventually declaring it his own. If in doubt, he'll change the subject, hoping to distract & move on. He'd rather have fun than work. He's been known to tell lewd jokes that he believed to be funny, yet listeners deemed simply crass -- and lewd. He'll tell you what you want to hear, then turn around and do the opposite. He has contempt for his elders (read: those who aren't his chums or buddies). He won't stick his neck out. He'll attempt to appease a crowd by way of crude statements, playing on their base fears & thoughts.

(I will be adding to this list periodically.... feel free to contribute suggestions).

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