Monday, January 17, 2005

Age Warfare

We've often heard the Republicans accuse the Dems of waging "class warfare," insinuating that the Dems are needlessly, and without grounds, making alarmist statements that would identify those policies that favor the rich at the expense of the less-rich. Example: GW's tax cuts. The GOP wanted all to believe it was a broad-based cut and yet the reality (for those who at least care about facts) is the cut HUGELY favored the wealthy. In other words, to call a spade a spade is what irks the GOP. In reality, they're passing legislation that further lays the groundwork for actual class warfare as this country grows more and more apart regarding the haves and have-nots, and yet it's those who have the nerve to speak out and call it for what it is that are the ones who are supposedly conducting class warfare. Incredible.

In the Sunday Boston Globe, Ellen Goodman writes about how GW is now working this same tactic concerning Social Security. Out of one side of his mouth, he's telling the seniors not to worry about the future, and out of the other he's inciting the young, telling them to be very afraid, that SS is a train wreck waiting to happen. As Goodman says, "The administration's goal is to placate the elders and alarm the young, to divide (the generations) and conquer."

You'll see, if a Dem were to speak out regarding this cheap tactic, get ready to hear the accusation, "you're just trying to incite age warfare!"

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